• VISA Without worries

    Get your visa through AUSMIGHOR and rest assured you are dealing DIRECTLY with an experienced Registered MIGRATION AGENT


    Our agents aim is to fully understand your immigration requirements and propose options to ensure you achieve your immigration goals


    Governed by a code of conduct our agent is required to maintain a professional library ensuring that he is totally up to date on the ever changing migration law in Australia


Australian Migration Horizons (a.k.a Ausmighor) provides expert migration assistance for everyone seeking to migrate, visit, work or Invest in Australia. We are not an employment agency.
Price- wise Australian Migration Horizons has reasonable rates and a payment plan can be negotiated.
Australian Migration Horizons offer a free consultation to ensure you will receive the correct options for your visa.
Most of the work- from preparation to lodgement is done electronically, using the internet, as the Australian Immigration Department encourages applicants to apply on-line via an˜immi account™. So, you can be  geographically anywhere and we are still able to assess your Immigration needs. You can reach us by email to communicate with a Registered Migration Agent



We aim to provide a level of service other agencies can only dream of attaining. We ensure that our case load is maintained in a healthy balance so that our agent can give your VISA the attention it deserves and can respond quickly to your demands


Australian Migration Horizons is operated by Karl Walder an Australian registered migration agent (MARN 1067765), registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia. Mr. Walder has extensive experience over many years as a busy migration agent, working on various migration classes for hundreds of satisfied clients. He has been specializing in Permanent and Temporary Visas and has also been working as an Independent Contractor, with other Migration Agencies in Australia. Mr. Walder was formerly employed with a large Energy company and was previously engaged in Training and Development and Change Management. He was also involved in Environmental programs with participants from a variety of Countries under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programs over several years. Karl's aim is to fully understand your immigration goals and then explore the options best suited to achieve your desired outcomes.

Why Choose Us


  • Free Initial Consultation to ensure you are eligible before taking your case

  • Australian Migration Horizons professional services is very price competitive, and rest assured you will get value for money using Mighor Services

  • When you decide to engage Australian Migration Horizons services you will be dealing directly with a registered migration agent.

  • Your case will not be assigned to anyone else, only to a registered migration agent. Extensive experience in a wide variety of visa classes


  • Australian Migration Horizons operate under a Code of Conduct which can be accessed at https://www.mara.gov.au

  • A registered Migration Agent must act in accordance with the Code of Conduct (Schedule 2 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998).

  • A registered migration agent has an overriding duty to act all times in the lawful interests of their client